Lovatics by Demi Lovato for NYC New York Color.

One of my favorite mass brands is NYC New York Color. I've always been impressed by the quality of the products especially at the price point — the products are all under $5! Demi Lovato is the latest famous face to partner with the brand (I think it is their first celeb partnership) and together they have created a capsule collection named just for her: Lovatics by Demi Lovato.

Lovatics by Demi Lovato for NYC New York Color

Lovatics by Demi Lovato features an amazing 12-pan eyeshadow palette that goes the distance, an eyebrow pencil to help frame those peepers, a mascara that wows the lashes with up to 11X the volume and a really unique lip and cheek tint. Take a look at it all.

Lovatics by Demi Lovato for NYC New York Color

Lovatics by Demi Eyeshadow Palette - $4.99
This 12 pan eyeshadow palette features 12 nude shades that rivals any of the big guys at a price that is easy on the pocketbook. The shades range from matte to shimmer and light to dark with everything you need to create an everyday nude and natural look to a more smokey natural look. There are even shades that are good for lining and some with a bit of glitter in them. They are pretty well pigmented and last well. I highly recommend wearing them over an eyeshadow primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Lovatics by Demi Volume & Length Mascara - $4.99
I could not find this mascara anywhere so it really must be a hot seller! It promises up to 11X more volume and up to 64% more length. The brush is a Dual-Fiber Brush with both small and rigid bristles to catch and reveal even the smallest of lashes, while long and flexible bristles instantly pump up the volume of lashes. The formula is enriched with beeswax and specialty waxes to enhance and build volume. It comes in black.

Lovatics by Demi Eyebrow Liner - $1.99
This eyebrow eyeliner gets the job of grooming brows into place done! With a creamy pencil on one end and a stiff brush on the other, it's all you need to shape, fill in and define. The liner stays put too. This eyebrow liner comes in Medium Brown and Dark Brown.

Lovatics by Demi Lip and Cheek Tint - $3.99
With a unique see-through texture and color, you simply need two strokes of this Lip and Cheek Tint on the apple of your cheek to give them a pop of color. I like to apply it with my fingertips and blend out with a beautyblender. For lips, you need to add more coats to build up a more bold and sexy look. I like to top it off with a little bit of gloss because these are almost like stains. This comes in four shades: Cheeky Pink, Cheeky Red, Cheeky Strawberry, Cheeky Berry.

Look for the limited edition Lovatics by Demi Lovato for NYC New York Color collection right now at Target and Walmart.

Spring 2016: MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection.

When I first heard about the brand new MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection for spring I was immediately excited because A - I read it was pink pink and I love me some pink and B— the theme is flamingo and I am all about the pink flamingo. I travel to South Florida quite often; it's my second home and I've been obsessed with pink flamingos for as long as I can remember. It's as if this spring color collection was made for me. Just one glance at the fun pink shades and you are drawn in and hoping that spring (if not summer) will be here soon. It is very resort-like.

MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection for Spring 2016

"Plunge into the punchy pleasures of pink in a freshly made batch of scrumptious colours that let you have your cake, and wear it too. Glisten pretty on a sunny day with Powder Blush, a fun way to bring delicious colour to your cheeks. Paint it pink and get your just desserts anytime, but be ready to share!"

The collection is a big one with almost everything pink except for the large nine pan eyeshadow palette that offers some really bright shades to go along with the rest of the look.

Spring 2016: MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection

Flamingo Park x 9 Eyeshadow Palette - $40

  • Bird’s Eye View - Hot magenta (Satin)
  • Flock & Roll - Light pastel pink (Matte)
  • Sushi Flower - Pinky coral with pink shimmer (Satin)
  • Elegant Friend - Dirty lavender (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Weirdly Wonderful - Royal blue with light blue pearl (Veluxe)
  • Naturally Fabulous - Warm mid-tone brown (Matte)
  • Flounce - Chalky white pink (Matte)
  • Glamour Light - Soft lemon yellow (Satin)
  • Floridazzle - Soft lime green (Satin)

Technakohl Liner - $16.50

  • Purple Dash - Intense aubergine
  • Raisinette - Brown purple

Pigment - $22

  • Rose - Rose with copper sparkle
  • Golden Olive - High frosted green-gold
  • Tan - Muted pinky brown bronze

Powder Blush - $22

  • Life’s a Picnic - Hot reddish pink (Satin)
  • Pink Swoon - Soft yellow baby-pink (Satin)
  • Let’s Be Friends - Blue hot-pink (Satin)
  • What I Fancy - Soft bright apricot (Satin)
  • This Could Be Fun - Soft violet-purple (Satin)
  • Spring Flock - Light bright coral (Satin)
  • Oh My! - Reddish mid-tone coral (Satin)

Beauty Powder - $22

  • Pearl Blossom - Light pink with silver pearlized pigments
  • Sunny Surprise - Soft peach

Lipstick - $17

  • Flocking Fabulous - Bright coral-red (Cremesheen + Pearl)
  • Please Me - Muted rosy-tinted pink (Matte)
  • Nice to Meet You - Deep pink-red (Cremesheen)
  • Be Silly - Hot fuchsia pink (Matte)
  • Long Legged & Fabulous - Soft baby pink (Cremesheen + Pearl)
  • Silly - Bright white-pink (Matte)
  • Saint Germain - Clean pastel pink (Amplified)
  • Have Your Cake - Bright magenta (Matte)
  • The Fashion Flock - Bright pink-coral (Matte)

Cremesheen Glass - $20

  • Such Sweeties - Pastel baby pink
  • Look Who’s Here! - Soft pink with blue pearl
  • Sweet Tooth - Warm mid-tone pink
  • Petite Indulgence - Bright blue-pink
  • Playful Petal - Electric magenta

Lip Pencil - $16.50

  • Chic Trick - Amped-up fuchsia
  • Embrace Me - Vivid pinkish fuchsia
  • In Synch - Bright yellow pink

Studio Nail Lacquer - $12

  • Miami - Warm pink coral
  • Spoonful of Sugar - Soft pink glitter with pink pearl
MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection

The lip shades are must haves for me. From the Lipstick to Cremesheen Glass, take your pick, you simply cannot go wrong if you are into any shade of pink.  These are all extremely wearable and complementary for all skin tones.

I have two of the Matte Lipsticks in Be Silly, a matte hot pink, and Have Your Cake, a matte blue-pink, almost purple shade. While these are not my typical shades, I find Be Silly a beautiful fuchsia shade that wears really well for a matte shade. I think I rather one of the lighter pink or coral shades like The Fashion Flock, Long Legged & Fabulous and Please Me, all of which I just ordered.

MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection Lipsticks: Be Silly, Have Your Cake

For the Cremesheen Glass, I just love the formula. This gloss offers just the right amount of shine that lasts longer than your average lipgloss, which one me is probably three to four hours. The formula is really creamy with a nice touch of pigment to it, depending on the color of course. I have Such Sweetness, which is a barely there baby pink that just adds a touch of pink to the lips. I like this one dotted in the center of my lips to add fullness to my put. I also have Petite Indulgence which is a really bright blue-pink. This one looks beautiful layered over Have Your Cake or on its own for a bit of a more sheer brightly colored lip.

MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection Cremesheen Glass: Petite Indulgence, Such Sweeties

For the face I have Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder which is a nice light pink highlighter as it has a bit of silver pearlized pigment in it. If used lightly, it looks pretty when the light catches it.  I am probably most surprised by What I Fancy Powder Blush because I am loving this. It is a gorgeous sort of soft, sort of bright coral shade. It is what I would describe as the inside of a not so ripe watermelon and it looks just so pretty on my skin as long as I use a light hand. I layer it over a bit of bronzer and it is just absolutely stunning. I really cannot express that enough. I can only imagine how nice it will look over self-tanner, tanned or a darker skin tone.

MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection: Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder
MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection: What I Fancy Powder Blush

Buy the MAC Cosmetics Flamingo Park Collection now at all MAC stores, counters in Nordstrom, Macy's, etc. and maccosmetics.com.