Happy Summer! You are Wearing Sunscreen, Right?

It is officially Summer. I am so excited that it is finally here. Except for the hotter than hot and humid days, I mostly love the Summer.


While outside enjoying the Summer fun, you must be sure to do one extra thing. Wear sunscreen.  You are wearing sunscreen. Right? Every day? Not just on your face, I am talking on your whole body. Not only does it help prevent skin cancer, it protects you from the rays that make you look older, faster. If that is not reason enough, than I don't know what is. 

Sun and Sunscreen tips: 

  • Use a sunscreen that is factor 15 or over for adequate protection from UV.
  • Reapply sunscreen throughout the day.
  • Go into the shade between 12 noon and 3pm, as this is when the sun is at it's most damaging.
  • Don't binge tan (sunbathing for intense periods). A tan will build up gradually through normal sun exposure.
  • Don't intentionally try to get burnt - a lot of young people believe that burning = tanning. But sunburn is not necessary for your skin to get a tan.
Look for a bunch of sunscreen and self-tanner recommendations coming up soon, right here art Beautiful Makeup Search.


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Shu Uemura 25th Boutique Birthday.

Late to the game as always, I never tried anything from Shu Uemura until late last year. I cannot fathom how I have not lived with some of his beauties, especially because he opened his first boutique back in 1983. Yes, 25 years ago.

In those 25 years, each year Shu Uemura has created a limited edition Boutique Birthday collection. This years collection, which is also the 2008 Summer collection, is absolutely 100% gorgeous - in true Shu tradition. The core values of nature, science and art come to life in this collection. Three 100% natural origin fragrances that are formulated with Despea Water, as well as some beautiful makeup products that are packaged in the designs of Tokyo-based artist Gwenael Nicolas are the highlights.

Look at these gorgeous eyeshadow palettes! $65 each, they are a bit on the expensive side, but just looking at the collectible palettes and the gorgeous shadows they contain make me want them nonetheless. My pick is the Fleur de Source palette with it's bevy of blue shades.







Which palette would you like on your vanity? 

The Eau de Toilette's sound just as divine. There are three of these as well, in the same names: Fleur de Rose, Fleur de Source and Fleur de Terre.


25TH BTB LIMITED EDITION, FLEUR DE ROSE, EAU DE TOILETTE Sophisticated floral 100% natural origin fragrance with fresh floral amber note. 

25TH BTB LIMITED EDITION, FLEUR DE SOURCE, EAU DE TOILETTE Pure, serene and refreshing cool feeling in a 100% natural origin fragrance with a floral spicy note. 

25TH BTB LIMITED EDITION, FLEUR DE TERRE, EAU DE TOILETTE Energizing, luminous 100% natural origin fragrance with a fresh floral woody note. 

Shop online soon as you will know that this limited edition collection will not last very long. 

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"plan you summer spa vacation on spas of america"


MAC Skinsheen Leg Spray.

Having to a wear a dress and having super white legs that have not lived up to a normal faux-tan routine do not qual pretty. Or anything remotely pretty. So when I had to get dressed up this week, I knew I needed to find something that would work on my legs - pronto.

mac_skin_sheen.jpgI have used some other cream formulas in the past and really like LORAC TANtalizer and Benefit's Jiffy Tube, but as I love spray on products, I figured I would give MAC's Skinsheen Leg Spray.

Well, the spray on part was different than what I expected. It is an aerosol, yes, but nothing that can be used as a simple spray on application. The gel-like liquid sprays out and onto legs, but needs to be blended over skin. I used my hands to spread it out evenly, and it really was not hard at all.

The look is slightly tinted and nice and glowy. It appears almost glossy right away, but it does dry down to a nice sheen. Skinsheen seemed to be completely dry in under ten minutes, but I gave it a bit more than that to make sure nothing rubbed off on my dress. And it didn't. As Skinsheen uses special polymers (with silicone) to adhere better to skin, it is important to not moisturize before using the product. Leaving legs au natural will help the product glide onto skin and adhere to it better.

I love Skinsheen as a Leg Spray and it is very worth the extra effort of rubbing it neatly over legs and waiting for it to dry. Once the product is dry, it lasts a very long time and really needs a good washing with warm water and soap to be removed. 

Remember that the end result is a sheen, not a full on fake-bake bronzer. Medium-Dark left me with a slight tint to my starch white legs, like I said, but a beautiful glow. I just tested Deep Dark and I think that will be the way to go for my legs to look more bronzed. So choose your colors wisely. If you want just a nice sheen and glowy effect, the lighter shade will probably work just fine, but if you are looking for more of a tinted bronzy color, try Dark or Deep Dark. Check out Skinsheen Leg Spray ($22.50) at MAC counters to find your perfect shade.

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"plan you summer spa vacation on spas of america"