Plastic Surgery Procedures.

I found it pretty informative when I recently did some research for Aging Fabulous. I was researching what the top five cosmetic surgery procedures were and came across some figures for The Top Five Surgical and Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery Procedures.

I was pretty surprised at the numbers, and I invite you to check out the article.


And on a side note - this is a little bit of self-promotion, as I am trying to win a contest. I really need some help from my beloved readers here. Who knows - I could the win the contest and you could discover some new things over on my other blog, Aging Fabulous. It really is a win-win situation for us all.


A Rare Treat for Beauty Bloggers and Editors.

I know that you all probably think that my job is easy - well, it pretty much is. :)

Actually, it is and it isn't. Yes, I get to try a bevy of wonderful products, but you really don't have any idea of the products that I try that I either do not use properly or that do not work for me. It is a trial and error system, sometimes. Especially when it comes to skin care.

Enter a Public Relations firm, Pierce Mattie Public Relations. This firm represents some of the best beauty (makeup and skin care) brands in the world. And they recognize the fact that not all of us beauty bloggers and editors are experts and sometimes need to be shown how to use certain products. That is why they have created a Media Oasis. And what a treat it is.


Seriously, what a better way for beauty editors to learn more about  products in one central location, and have the pleasure of being pampered while doing so. This provides for a more hands on learning experience, and proper instruction on how to use various products and treatment systems.

And you never know what you could be treated with. Spa treatments, makeup applications and hair treatments could potentially be done with products from Ojon, Earth Therapeutics, Joico, Jane Iredale, ReVive Skin Care, Hourglass Cosmetics - just some of the brands that Pierce Mattie represents.

Beautiful idea. Next time I am in NYC, I am so there.

Hmmm - maybe my job is easy after all. Either way, I love it, and love bringing you my honest opinions while showcasing the latest and greatest beauty products information your way everyday.


Scooping Up the Sales at Sephora!

In surfing a bit earlier this week, I found the deal to end all deals.


This is a Sephora Brand Train Case, which originally sold for $55. Sale price at $5. Yes - $5!!! I ordered 5 of them. I will probably keep one or two for myself - I am bad, I know. But this makes such a handy gift when filled when some great makeup. Don't you think? 

And free shipping to boot, because with these 5 beauties and the rest of the items I scooped up, my order was over $50. And you know, when you spend $50 at and enter the code FIFTY, the shipping is FREE.

How are you doing in scooping up the sales?