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Help for Curls from Nexxus!

I have naturally wavy hair. It is very fine, so when I want to wear it curly it gets so weighed down and just looks - well, not so great. I have found that using some Curl Enchancing products from Nexxus, is helping my waves turn to curls and have them looking better.


Gorgeous Curls Styling Foam -  This has become my staple, even when not looking lot's of curls. The mousse helps to defines curls and keep away the frizz.  The formula is very lightweight and is designed to lock out moisture, while locking in curls. And the volume I get... beautiful.

Alluring Curls Styling Elixir - I use this specifically when I want the most curls and definition. It definitely helps to not only define my curls, but the frizz I usually get in some spots is virtually gone. It is a very lightweight formula too, almost like a creamy gel. I only use a bit and after my hair is dry, I add a bit more to the frizz prone areas.

Ask you stylist about Nexxus and which curl enhancing products would work best for you. 

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I am Total Beauty's Blog of the Day!

Check me out over on Total Beauty as the featured Blog of the Day!


Thanks guys!

If you have not visited Total Beauty yet, may I ask what you are waiting for?

Total Beauty is probably the most comprehensive beauty site, ever. I even browse through products that I have yet to try. They even have this great feature where you can have specific products recommended to you, based on your profile. Take the time and join and fill out your profile. It takes a few minutes, but so worth it. And it is fun to come together with so many other beauty obsessed!

Visit Total Beauty now! 


Finally, a Visit to Space NK.

With a few hours down time during my jam packed schedule with Glam last week, Christina and I made our way to Space.NK Soho. I was so glad to have finally paid the beautiful space a visit.

space_nk_photos.jpgBeing beauty bloggers, we were in heaven with the entire boutique.. The staff could not have been more helpful suggesting new things to try, application techniques and more. This awesome sales associate (cannot find his card!) filled my bag with some awesome samples that I cannot wait to try.

The overall feel of the space is very uptown, yet light and friendly. The shelves are not overcrowded so I could  reach for and smell anything. The Space.NK brand itself contained a great array of fragrant body washes, balms, perfumes, candles and more. They smelled so good.

I needed a new concealer, so I headed on over to one of the many elite makeup brands they carry. I checked out By Terry, Susan Posnick, NARS, Chantecaille, Laura Mercier, and Lipstick Queen. (They are getting Shu Uemura in a few weeks!)

I ultimately decided on the Chantecaille Total Concealer. I selected the shade Ivory as I want a concealer that could take me through my bit of a faux tan that I should be sporting soon, and Alabaster, the shade I would have normally selected, might have been to light. It has a very nice light creamy-gel like feel that leaves a wonderful finish. And a little dab is all I need. This is not just an ordinary concealer I quickly learned either. It contains achantecaille_concealer.jpg special blend of olive oil, tamanu nut oil, light-reflecting particles, chamomile, green tea, orchid, and wild rose. Now that is something your average concealer does not contain. I really love it.

I also scooped up a gorgeous lip gloss in the shade Mimosa. It is a gorgeous golden peachy-pink shade. It is so moisturizing. I need to find a specific brush to use with it as I am afraid I am dipping my finger into the compact too often and using too much.  

I am so thrilled to have discovered Chantecaille, and Space.NK was the perfect place to discover it. If you are ever in the NYC area, you need to make it to one of their two stores in the city. There is the one we went to in Soho at 99 Greene Street, and the other is on Columbus Ave. at 69th. I know you will love it as much as we did.

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