How to Get My C-Shock Look!

With all the excitement over the newest MAC Collection, C-Shock, I could not wait to get my hands on it. When it arrived, I must say I was a bit in shock, as the products were even more colorful than in the photos.

But color is good. And these C-Shock colors are so easy to mix, and match, brush and blend, and blend, and blend! I am having so much fun.

Onto my favorite eye look that I created this afternoon!

For this look I used MAC Eyeshadow in Big T and Romping, both from the C-Shock Collection; Whistle (from the Barbie Collection), and Pro Lash Mascara in Coal Black.

I started by lining my eyes with Big T, the most beautiful aqua color. I lined the top completely, while only about 3/4 of the way around my eye on the bottom. Next, I blended Big T all over my eyelid. I used very little on the inner corner, and added more as I went outward. I then took Romping, what looks to be a very bright fuchsia, but is actually the prettiest perfect popping pink. I used this in my crease, extending that outward and upward a bit into the outer corner. Now, I used a larger fluffy shadow brush to apply Whistle to my brow bone, and in the inner corner. I finished with a coat of Pro Lash, and Voila!

My husband even complimented on how pretty my eyes looked.

I forgot to get a photo of my lips, but my eye look was beautifully complimented with Out to Shock for my lipstick, and going over that with Sugar Shock Lipgelee. An alternate look, which really brought out the pink on my eyes was using Pomposity as my lipstick with Mega Lipgelee on top.

If I can pull off this collection, anyone can. And a word of advice, do not be afraid of color, especially when it comes from MAC. They are the ones who constantly get it right!



Where Skin Care and Science Meet.

skinceuticals.jpgSkinCeuticals is a ten year old, fast growing company of fabulous skin care products sold exclusively through licensed physicians. The products in the line boast antioxidants, vitamin C, and some great new sun care technologies.

Aah - science meets skin care. It is certainly all the rage. Take a look at their mission statement below:




Our mission at SkinCeuticals is to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise -- provide quality products backed by science.

Our dedication to developing advanced skin care backed by science has earned us a strong reputation with the medical community worldwide. SkinCeuticals provides complete skin care solutions through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medi-spas, and other skin care professionals in the United States and in over 35 countries worldwide. These experts trust SkinCeuticals to promote skin health -- not trends.

I have tried four of SkinCeuticals products based on their theory that your skin care needs can be broken down into three elements: prevention, protection, and correction.

From Aging Fabulous, published 6/19/2007.


Self-Tanning Tips!

Self-Tanning season is here. You do avoid the sun at all costs, or cover up, or slather on that SPF, now don't you? And when you are looking to get that golden bronze glow, you self-tan...right? We all know the Kardashian Sisters love a self-tan and look gorgeous with their glow.

I received some great self-tanning tips from New York City's SAVA Spas' owner Joanna Czech. This celebrated esthetician offers her self tanning Do's and Don'ts to achieve the perfect tan - the safe way!

- Exfoliate Entire Body First concentrating on ankles, toes, fingers, elbows & knees
      Czech recommends: Nuxe Foaming Scrub
- Dry off completely
- Apply a small amount of product to avoid streaking. (Better to reapply than to over apply)
     Czech recommends: Lancome Flash Bronzer for the Body and Babor Self Tanning Lotion for the Body
- After applying to the sensitive areas (ankles, toes, fingers etc…), lightly brush over with a towel to remove excess product.
 - For the face, use a self tanner that is made for the face (Face products tend to have a lighter texture than ones for the body)
     Czech recommends: Babor Self Tanning Cream for the Face
- Wear loose, dark clothing afterwards


***Incase you mess up, have a tint remover for hair accessible (you can purchase in a beauty
supply store), they work well for quick removal
***If tanning for a certain event (ie. wedding, vacation, etc.), plan your tanning schedule
backwards from that date to be sure your sun-kissed look will be perfected in time!

- Don’t wait for the day before a big event to try self tanning. Each person reacts differently and turns a different color
- Avoid exfoliating with scrubs that contain essential oils as they may leave a film on skin.
- Don’t mix lotion with your self-tanner
- Don’t forget your ears
- Don’t exfoliate for 1 week after applying
- Don’t workout the day of application
- Don’t shower 6-8 hours after applying 

SAVA Spa regularly treats celebrities like Kyra Sedgwick, Uma Thurman, Sting, and more. SAVA Spa is located at 211 Pinehurst Ave.  New York, New York. If you are in the city or visiting soon and want to make a Spa visit part of your trip, call 212-543-0008 to book one of the fabulous treatments they offer.



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