What Girl Doesn't Like to be Pampered?

I watched a segment on The Today Show this morning about young girls getting beauty treatments. I thought - cute. The overall tone of the segment is that these girls are too young and it is hurting them and will hurt their self-esteem in the long run. Huh? I do not see these girls making standing appointments This is a party. A treat. A special occasion.

I think it is fun for a five year old to host a pedicure party and get all dressed up. I mean, really. I did it when I was five, but I was doing it at home with friends and our mother's makeup bags. For goodness sake, let girls be girls and enjoy it.

I actually met Robert Cleary (in the video) at Dashing Diva last Saturday and was treated to the ultimate pedicure (more on that soon). I thought, what a great place. I really wish we had one in my town because I know it would be booked for parties all the time. Watch the segment and let me know what you think.

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Beauty Duty for April 8th.

graphic_beauty_duty_image.jpgI simply cannot believe that it is the 8th of April already. Where have I been and where does the time go? In any case, I find one of the best ways to relax is to keep up with what my other favorite beauty bloggers are posting about. Check them out and I bet you will find it relaxing, while learning something new, too!

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WE LOVE wants you to VOTE on Look of the Month for March!


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Tarte's Smooth Operator.

With the seasons changing to warmer weather - thank goodness - I change up my foundation. I like to use  a tinted moisturizer on warm days, and on lazy, no makeup look days.

I am thrilled to have found Smooth Operator by Tarte. This liquid foundation that is squeezed out of a tube glides on over my face, hiding little imperfections flawlessly. It feels almost like a moisturizing primer, thanks to it's new "water-in-silicone" formula. The pigments are light diffused to help blend  fine lines and wrinkles away, only allowing a fresh and natural look to the finish.


Besides the formula having your daily SPF 20 in it, it also contains great natural goodness from the infused ginko biloba and ginseng, plus a powerful antioxidant blend of Vitamins A, C, and E.

Smooth Operator comes in a nice variety of eight shades that blend well into various skin tones. It retails for $35, and is available at and and stores, as well as

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