NEW Thrrrob Face Powder from Benefit.

I am a huge fan of Benefit's various face powders. Dandelion is a staple in my makeup bag, Hoola is a bronzer I reach for during the warmer months often, and Dallas is another powder I must reach for a few times a week. Now, there is Thrrrob.

Thrrrob is a very pink/purple face powder full of pretty sparkle, said to mimic your faces' flush when you heart races.  

If you can pull of a blue-pink, then this powder is for you. I am thinking it may look better on me in the Summer months when my skin is more tan (fake, of course).

Thrrrob is now available at for $28.

Let me know if your heart is pounding in excitement for this new beauty.


Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Kit.

I have read a few reviews about Sue Devitt's Eye Pencils from some of my favorite beauty bloggers, and I am really needing to try them. I just found this product trio at, and I hope they are in stock at one of the many Sephora stores that I plan to visit on my trip to NYC next week.


The set includes two Eye Intensifier Pencils in Kenya, a dark brown and Pointe Noirem which is black, and an Eye Illuminator Pencil in Epernay, a champagne shade.

Please do let me know if you are a user of these eye pencils and if you think I need to get them, as much as I think I want to. 


Have You Voted in the MAC Originals Contest?

Have you been to the MAC Site to see the entries in the MAC Originals contest? I am blown away at some of the makeup looks that have been submitted.

mac_original.jpg You can view entries by newest submissions and the most popular.

I will be the first to say that I do not know how the most popular have all the points that they do, but hey, it's just my opinion!

The contest runs through the end of this month, January 31st, so if you want to submit a photo of yourself, you better get one in now. And if you do not want to enter, it is a definite must to check out the entries and vote for your favorite. I am narrowing down my choices, but as new submissions keep popping up, I may wait until closer to the end of the contest to place my vote.

If you do submit an Originals entry, please let me know in the comments with a link to your entry, as we would love to see it.