So, Where is the Sale?

With the announcement that will cease doing business this month, will they be deeply discounting our favorite products? I doubt it.

If I remember correctly, when I would get a shipment from either or say Bobbi Brown or MAC, for example, they would all come from New Jersey. Maybe this a where a central warehouse is located? SO I am guessing they won't be clearing out their stock like many of the online beauty boutiques do when they are going out of business.

Too bad for us. Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about closing if they were giving us some great sales to remember them by!


What is on your Summer Essentials List?

What is on your summer essentials list? I am not talking bathing suit, flip flops, or beach towel. I want to know which beauty products you cannot go without during the Summer?

So, what is it?
Sun Protection
Self-Tanners & Bronzers
Shimmer & Glimmer Makeup
Moisturizers with SPF
Summer Hair Care
Summer Fragrance

Let us know in the comments!


Breaking Out The Big Bronzers.

Bronzers are all the rage this season. I use bronzer every day, every season. But my bronzer choices change on not only a seasonal basis, but on almost a daily basis. But for those who use just one bronzer, they are sure to use, or need, one of these great, big bronzers.


CARGO The Big Bronzer




Hard Candy SoCal Glow Big Bronzing Powder




Prestige SunFlower Illuminating Bronzing Powder



Are you a bonzing addict?