Relax & Wax!

no_scream_cream.jpgI had to share... I just used one of the most fabulous products ever. No-Scream Cream, is just that.  A cream you apply before waxing to numb your delicate areas that need the full wax treatment.

I applied this cream before I left for my appointment this morning, and by the time I arrived, I barely felt anything. I applied a bit more as I undressed, and this numbed the bit that I could feel.

I was totally relaxed and not worried when my esthetician came close with the wax. And you know what? It really worked, as I barely felt anything. And I swear that the redness I usually see afterward was greatly minimized.

You have to try this, ladies! It retails for $15.95 per 1 oz. tube at


The Latest for Summer at Sephora.

Did the good mail carrier deliver you the newest Sephora catalog yet? Chock full of the best makeup Summer has to offer, with beautiful photographs and tips, I have read this over and over.

Here are my picks, that are on my most wanted list from the catalog:


And did I tell you that I am going to Las Vegas in ten days and that there is a Sephora in my hotel? OMG! Forget the gambling, I will have the beauty mecca at my doorstep.

Whoops - I almost forgot to add that is offering FREE shipping on any order over $50 for a limited time - so act quick!