Cosmetic Complaints.

complaints.jpgI hope you didn't think that everything around here is always so rosy and perfect, because it is not. There are plenty of times I have gripes about products - mostly products in general.

I have jotted down things here and there that I really don't like about some beauty products, and I was thinking that I should let you in on my thoughts to see if you agree. 

So - the Cosmetic Complaint Department is open. Here are my gripes - and be sure to list yours in the comments.

  • I hate it when body and hair oils are packaged with no special orifice. I mean, I don't want to pour it out or squeeze it out all over myself.

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Cutiepie Clive!

clive_owen.jpgClive Owen was just named the new spokesman for Lancome.

His baby blue's (and face) will appear in the ad's for the men's line. He will first appear with Hypnose Homme, a new men's fragrance to launch this Spring. 

I think Lancome made a nice choice - he is definitely a cutie, while being elegant all the same.


The Eye-scentials.

Cute. Cute. Cute.

bj_eyesentials.jpgI don't read enough about Bourjois on the beauty blogs, so I thought I should throw in my newest find from them. It is called the Eye-scentials. Actually, Le Petite Black Dress Eye-scentials.

What it is, is a kit with 3 of Bourjois regular line, best-selling eye products in a cute zippered vinyl pouch. In the pouch is Maxi Frange Black Mascara; Eye Shadow Trio Argent for a perfect gray smoky eye; and Sourcil Au Beau Fixe, a clear eyebrow gel that tames even the unruliest of brows.

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