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This Weeks Best in Beauty!

beauty_blogging_friends.jpgSit back, relax, grab a cup of cocoa... and read what my beauty blogging friends have written for this weeks best in beauty round-up.

IndiePerfumes tells us her experience with Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus.

Hello Dollface Celebrates with Stila's new holiday sets!

Bon Bons in the Bath gives you eco-friendly gift suggestions for the holidays.

eBeautyDaily sings a goofy Ode to Sephora.

Elke at The Beauty Newsletter tries a new holiday makeup look.

Ellen at Lipstick, Powder n Paint looks at one cellulite cream that may actually work!


The Ultimate Amazing Grace Set.


If you love Philsophy's Amazing Grace, or know someone who does, then I have found the ultimate set of Amazing Grace products to give.


This is an 8 piece set available exclusively on QVC. The Philosophy Amazing Grace Ultimate Deluxe 8 Piece Collection contains the following Amazing Grace Products:

  •  2-oz amazing grace spray fragrance
  •  16-oz amazing grace perfumed shampoo, bath, and shower gel
  •  23-oz amazing grace perfumed hot salt, tub, and shower scrub
  •  24-oz amazing grace bubble bath
  •  16-oz amazing grace perfumed firming body emulsion
  •  0.17 oz amazing grace shimmer puff
  •  5-oz amazing grace luxury bath soaps

    The total collection value is $174.00 with a QVC price $128.52 plus s&h of $8.72. I believe that this will have to be shipped by ground shipping because of it containing a perfume, so get your orders in early.

    If you have not sniffed the scent of Amazing Grace, you will be surprised at how light, fresh, and basically clean it smells. It is one of those fragrances that can be worn daily, layered with others, and it is pretty amazing how it smells nice on just about anyone.



Get Your Hair Holiday Ready.

So, you have that annual Holiday Party coming up - or that big once a year family gathering. And you want everyone to wonder...What has she done? Her hair looks amazing!

I have some tips on products that will be a big help to you in getting your tresses perfect, and Holiday ready.

bio_giftset.jpg"A great thing to get your hair revved up for the Holiday season is to change it up a bit. A simple trim, or highlights .. maybe wearing it up. A sleek ponytail with your own hair matrix_men.jpgwrapped around the hair tie or a sparkly clip is always nice. Or you can change it up a bit by doing nothing major - simply changing your products can help.", says Michelle Lazarus, hair stylist and owner of Hair Haven. "Matrix makes the best products, and Biolage are among my favorites that I use on my clients. They even have a Matrix for Men Styling Stocking Stuffer ($9.95) for sale this season, and some nifty products packed together. They are really selling well, because, besides being great, they are such a great deal."

Personally, I am really liking the new Herbal Essences line. Have you seen it yet? The Herbal Essences new collections are each uniquely designed to address specific hair needs and accurately target individual hair goals. The products are in mini collections that should be used to work together as a system to enhance the final result. 

The collections are:

herbal_essences.jpgBreaks Over - to protect hair from breakage and damage
Hello Hydration - to replenish dry hair with essential moisturizers
Color Me Happy - to lend color-treated hair dimension and shine
None of Your Frizzness - (my fave!) to treat and resist frizz throughout the day
Drama Clean - to deeply clean and lightly condition, riding hair of residue
Totally Twisted - for smooth defined curls or waves
Dangerously Straight - for straight, flowing looks
Body Envy - for boosted volume

And everything retails for $2.99 each - yes.. I said, $2.99 each. And they are a superior product for the price point.

shimmery_nights.jpgAnd if you really want to make a statement for that party, try Shimmery Nights, by Herbal Essences as well, for hair touched with a hint of glamorous shimmer. Shimmery Nights comes in a Spray Gel formula or a flyaway smoother.  And what is great about these, is that they are in hand-bag ready packaging for those as needed touch-ups.

I have also found that you are definitely worthy of hair envy when you use one of the newer shine products.shine_happy.jpg Natural Instincts by Clairol has a products called Shine Happy ($7.99). Shine Happy creates healty-looking brilliant shine by simply shampooing it in and leaving it sit on for about 10 minutes. It leaves long-lasting shine that lasts a few weeks. Another good one to try is Nice 'n Easy's Color Boosting Glaze ($7.99). This works great on natural or color treated hair, but not on highlighted hair. Color Boosting Glaze contains a special blend of Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E to give hair the most beautiful, sheer color and shine.

So be envied for your hair this Holiday season - it is simple, and easy to do - and one of the easiest ways to make a quick change.