You Know You are Rocking the Faux Glow...

...when you take over ten minutes to convince a room full of people that your tan is fake. Yes, I went to a 4th of July BBQ over the weekend and friends wanted to know what secret vacation I had been on. As there had clearly been no sun in the sky for the better part of a month, they thought I might be going to a tanning bed. Shame on them. I would nevah!

How did I finally convince them? I had to send my husband home to pick up my airbrush tanning system from Luminess Tan to prove what I was saying, were in fact true. I even gave an impromptu demo on how quick and easy the system is to use. Not only do I have ladies calling me for "appointments", I had a few teenaged girls demand to know where to get one of their own.

I had to tell everyone that I was not sharing - sorry. I would not risk overusing my baby! My system is for me, myself and I. And my darlin' daughter, who is almost as good of a self-tan sprayer as I am. I did tell my friends how to buy this amazing kit at though.  I can hear the phone ringing now - "Teri, can you come help me?". Which, of course I will tell them I will be right over - anything in the name of a fabulous faux-glow...right? So great to share the love!

Video: An Introduction to Luminess Tan.

Yes, I am just THAT excited about this at-home, salon quality self-tanning airbrush system. Luminess Tan will change the way you faux-glow for good.

The system is availble online at They have a great trial offer and a great price if you pay in full up front. Trust me, this is worth it's weight in gold.

The Best Self Tanners.

Self tanning season is here. As May is skin cancer awareness month and everyone is preaching to wear daily sun protection (which is so important) I am here to tell you about the alternatives. You know, the way to get the look of the sun - but from a bottle. From a light shade of color so you do not look "pasty" white to a deep, dark bronze tan looking like you just came back from a week in the Caribbean - self tanners have come a long way. They can give you the shade of color you crave. Finding which ones work and which ones work best is where I come in.

Over the years I have tested and tried various types of self tanners in various forms; sprays, lotions, mousses, creams, mists and my latest discovery, tanning towels. Over the next few weeks I will be bringing you all the details on the best self tanners in all of these categories, along with simply some of my all-time favorites.

Stay tuned and stay out of the sun - or at least protect yourself from it, but look like you didn't with my handy "Best Self Tanners" guide.