You Know You are Rocking the Faux Glow...

...when you take over ten minutes to convince a room full of people that your tan is fake. Yes, I went to a 4th of July BBQ over the weekend and friends wanted to know what secret vacation I had been on. As there had clearly been no sun in the sky for the better part of a month, they thought I might be going to a tanning bed. Shame on them. I would nevah!

How did I finally convince them? I had to send my husband home to pick up my airbrush tanning system from Luminess Tan to prove what I was saying, were in fact true. I even gave an impromptu demo on how quick and easy the system is to use. Not only do I have ladies calling me for "appointments", I had a few teenaged girls demand to know where to get one of their own.

I had to tell everyone that I was not sharing - sorry. I would not risk overusing my baby! My system is for me, myself and I. And my darlin' daughter, who is almost as good of a self-tan sprayer as I am. I did tell my friends how to buy this amazing kit at though.  I can hear the phone ringing now - "Teri, can you come help me?". Which, of course I will tell them I will be right over - anything in the name of a fabulous faux-glow...right? So great to share the love!