Innovation - Liquid Minerals.

Jane Iredale - the woman who basically founded mineral makeup has just gone a step further.  She has recently launched a line of all new amazing products. And the most innovative I think is that of her Liquid Minerals.

iredale.jpgWOW! This has to be the most unique makeup product I have ever seen.  While I have seen skin care products full of spheres, never a makeup product. I am so intrigued.

Here is what they say:
     "The beads or spheres visible in the airless pump are actually liposomes entrapping liposomes. This state-      of-the-art technology allows us to encapsulate large amounts of active ingredients, which are then time-      released on to the skin. This controlled and sustained release into the epidermis increases delivery by up to 40%."

Just take at look at her website where it shows the full range of shades  - all 18 of them. That is pure innovation in itself.

As soon as I can get my hands on this and give it a good try, I will post all about it.