Faith. Hope. Courage.

I have just been introduced to the most wonderful line of bath, body, and home fragrances - umm. They smell so delightful! And they are from Sweet Grass Farm.

bca_sgf.jpgSweet Grass Farm has created one of their best selling products, fragrance sticks, in a special edition for BCA month. It is titled Faith Hope Courage, and the scent is Carnation & Pink Peppercorn. The decorative bottle that is included is even decorated with a pink ribbon to remind us.

Fragrance Sticks have been around for a while now, but I just tried them. They are simple to use. You fill the vase (or decorative bottle) with the fragrance oil, place the sticks inside the vase/bottle. Soon your room will be filled with the fragrance as the absorbent sticks carry the oils up and deliver the perfect amount of scent. And the best thing about them is that when the sticks seem dry, you simply turn them upside down to "refresh" them, and they will start working again. It is simple, and makes a pretty piece. And they are a great alternative to places where candles cannot be burned, such as a dorm room or workplace.

The fragrance stick set can be purchased from their website and retails for $29.95 which includes the bottle, 8 oz. of the fragrance oil, and the reeds. The site also lists retailers where their wonderful products can be purchased.