Bake me a Cake.

We could not wait until our holiday section premiers to tell you about this great beauty of a candle we found.

cake_candle.jpgIt is Cake Beauty's Mint Cashmere Cream Candle. And it is by far, one of the best-smelling food scented candles I have every burned - EVER. I am constantly having passers-by asking me what I am baking (I have it placed on a table in my entrance-way and apparently you can smell the sweet aroma outside!).

Honestly, this 100% Soy based candle smells as if you are baking a sweet chocolate cake with mint frosting. It is unbelievably decadent. And I love the fact that it burns clean with the cotton and paper-fiber wick, and that the scent last for hours even after blowing out the flame.

This Mint Cashmere Cream Candle is part of Cake Beauty's Bake me a Cake as Fast as You Can Holiday Collection, which deserves a look see too.

This candle is housed in a beautiful glass container and packaged in a fun tin. It retails for $24, but you can save 15% if you buy the entire collection. And I promise to bring you a review of the entire collection for the Holidays.