Like Buttah!

I am so in love with Bath by Bettijo's Whipped Shea Butter in the Lemon Almond scent.

bbbj_shea.jpgThe butter melts on my skin, while leaving it feeling nourished and soft.

And I am so glad Bettijo decided to offer this in a larger 8 oz. size!

I have a tub of it in my nightstand, and use it on my hands immediately before I go to bed.  It helps me wake up with butter-soft the ones I was born with many years ago.

Bath by Bettijo's Whipped Shea Butter is available in 2 sizes (2 oz for $16.50 & 8 oz for $38.00) in the scents of Lemon Almond, Lavender Cedarwood, as well as unscented.