Bye-Bye Dry!

In the dead of winter, my skin is suffering. It is dry - very dry. Almost parched in places. Yuck. But I have found a few great new products that are helping my skin recover nicely

First, I am thrilled with the new FACE from Sephora. The FACE Exfoliator & Mask ($12) for dry skin along with their Milky Makeup Remover ($8) have literally saved my skin these last few days of bitter cold and dryness. The makeup remover is so smooth and it is instantly soothing to my dry skin. And it removes every last trace of makeup. Follow that with the Exfoliator & Mask, which can be used either way, and the pink gel turns to liquid as it exfoliates without granules and spontaneously seals the moisture in.

For some other parched parts, I have been lathering on Bombshell Bargains new Hand & Body Lotion ($13.27) in Dreamsicle. Forget that this lotion smells good enough to eat, it moisturizes my over-dry legs with just a small bit.  And right now, with every order over at Bombshell Bargains, you will receive a 1 oz. sample of this nice lotion.

My lips are winning the battle with Tarte's Award Winning Lip Balm ($12),  in their great slide tin. I have been using Pucker-Up, a sheer pink that's bursting with Cotton-Candy flavor, as a base to my lipstick during the day. Here by my computer, I have a tube of Philosophy's Candy Cane Lip Shine ($10).  This is a petroleum based shiny balm that I squeeze onto my lips a few times during the day as well. And, if that weren't enough, I have C.O. Bigelows Original Lip Formula ($7.50) in my hand bag, and a tube of good ole' Chapstick ($1.49) in my night stand.

My hands are a story in itself. I have bottles all over my house. I have different one by the sink in every bathroom, more than just a few in my night stand, one in my car, I think two in my hand bag, and next to my computer I am staring down four different ones right now. They are all good and they all have their place in trying to keep my hands as soft as possible. Here they are: Essie's Hand & Body Lotion ($8) in Coconut & Pineapple and Blueberry & Banana, Cake Beauty's Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme ($18), Principessa's Cattiva Diva Silky Hand Cream ($16), Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve ($18.50), Skin MD Natural Skin Shielding Lotion ($25), Eucerin Calming Cream ($9.75), Lumene Body Aktiva Soft Hands Cream ($7.99), Carol's Daughter Lemon and Rose Hand Cream ($8.00), The Body Perfect Hand N Heels Glove ($24.00), Bath by Bettijo Whipped Shea Butter in Lemon Almond ($16.50), Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream ($18), Jergens Ultra-Healing Moisturizer ($7.50), St. Ives Advanced Therapy Lotion ($4.99), and L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream ($25). Phew - that's a lot of hand creams!

Hopefully you don't have to deal with as dry of skin that I am dealing with here in the Northeast, but in case you do, your best bet is to try one of my great recommendations. Hope they help!