The Eye-scentials.

Cute. Cute. Cute.

bj_eyesentials.jpgI don't read enough about Bourjois on the beauty blogs, so I thought I should throw in my newest find from them. It is called the Eye-scentials. Actually, Le Petite Black Dress Eye-scentials.

What it is, is a kit with 3 of Bourjois regular line, best-selling eye products in a cute zippered vinyl pouch. In the pouch is Maxi Frange Black Mascara; Eye Shadow Trio Argent for a perfect gray smoky eye; and Sourcil Au Beau Fixe, a clear eyebrow gel that tames even the unruliest of brows.

Separately, this trio would sell for $50, but this kit retails for $30 - such a  great deal. And considering the fact that Bourjois is a division of Chanel and that you can't hardly get a single eye shadow for that price from them, this deal sounds even sweeter.

Look for more from Bourjois and their upcoming Springtime in Paris (how fitting) Spring collection soon. I have gotten my hands on a few of the goodies and will let you know all about them shortly.

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