You can Besame anytime!

Oh yes!  Kiss me (well, my lips) with Besame's Enriched Lip Glaze anytime. I am loving this latest addition to their line of cosmetics.

besame_glaze.jpgFirst off, if you haven't been properly introduced to Besame Cosmetics, let me tell you, it has about the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen. The products are beaming with gold and engraved with red enamel - absolutely stunning. The line is quite reminiscent of the early days of makeup. All of the containers are practically keepsakes. They are very stylish - where modern styling meets old world beauty.

My favorite product is, of course, the Enriched Lip Glaze. It has the most wonderful coconut-vanilla scent and flavor. I am so loving this lip gloss. When I applied it for one of the first times, my husband came close to me and asked why I smelled so good. So, I gave him a quick kiss. He thought it was nice - very nice in fact. He has never noticed a lip gloss flavor ever before - so it must be very unique.

Besides the great flavor and scent, this is more than just a mere lip gloss. It contains vitamins and nutrients in it's very rich formula. It is not sticky - just thick. Thick and creamy. Ooh - and very glossy. I love the sheer cream in the color Cotton Candy and the pearl in the Shimmer Peach.

I can't say enough about this lip gloss. I am always amazed when I find a gloss so worthy of my huge collection. To stay in my drawer or handbag, it has to be good.

Enriched Lip Glaze is $23.00, which, yes, is a bit expensive for a lip gloss. But with the properties mentioned above, it is worth every cent. 

Visit their website for more information, shades, and to purchase.


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