Mascara Monday - Lancome Courbe Virtuose.


Sorry about last week. Mascara Monday completely slipped my mind. I think it was more the case of Monday slipping my mind. Where do the weeks go?

Today I want to talk about the ultimate curling mascara, Lancome Courbe Virtuose. Courbe Virtuose is their Divine Lasting Curves Mascara.

The ultimate curling mascara because simply put, there is no need to pre-curl your lashes with an eyelash curler when using Courbe Virtuose. At least for me anyway.

Courbe Virtuose is formulated with CurlGuard™. This is a unique formula that no only lengthens and helps to curl lashes, but it holds your lash curve for an unprecented 12 hours.

The brush has a slight curve to it, which they call it's KeepCurl™ brush. The bristles are close together and tight around the curve, helping to curl lashes as you apply. This is why I don't have the need to use my eyelash curler prior to using.


And as with all of Lancome's mascaras, there is no clumping, flaking, or smudging. Just beautiful rich color, with the ultimate curl hold.

My only gripe I have with this mascara, and it is a small one, is with the handle design. The tube is glossy and the handle has a strange curve to it. When I first tried the mascara, my hand slipped down the handle a few times. I have learned to use it, and the handle is no longer a bother to me. But it did take a few tries to get used to it. I just hold it tighter and I am used to the curve.

Courbe Virtuose comes in your basic brown and black , and sells for $23 at your local Lancome counter or