Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask.

Dull skin? Check. Uneven skin tone? Check? Tired skin? Check again. Solution? Shiseido's White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask.

I have been waiting to try this mask, and must say that using this was definitely worth the wait.

Intensive Brightening Mask is formulated with "Specially developed with Shiseido-original Multi-Target Vitamin C and Spot Deacti-Complex to suppress melanin formation. Formulated with Asian plant extracts to improve moisture balance and leave skin smooth and supple with a dewy fresh vibrance. Contains AE Complex, a highly effective absorption enhancer that maximizes the delivery of beneficial ingredients to skin." In laymen terms, this mask is made to inhibit melanin production, making skin more even. It targets freckles, unevenness, and dark spots due to sun rays and overall aging.

The mask is just that, a cloth mask that is soaked with the formula that you simply open up and place over your face. You leave it on for a short ten minutes, and peel it off, smoothing the leftover liquid onto skin.

The pack of masks, which contains six masks, sells for $66.  So just for $11 a treatment, it is really a good deal.

Intensive Brightening Mask, as well as the rest of the White Lucent collection is available at