Anti-Aging Experiment: Dr. Brandt's Beauty Boosters

aa_logo_small.jpgDr. Brandt is a famous celebrity dermatologist. He has been featured on Oprah, Extreme Makeover, and Live with Regis and Kelly. So when he came out with his line of anti-aging lotions and potions, I could not wait to try them

He has a set of products called the Beauty Boosters, and are happy to share our results from our experiment. Here is who gave it a try: Carly - 20 something, and Cindi - 30 something.

*** Please note that we only tested the two skin care products from the set, not the water booster.

From the Dr. Brandt Skincare website, a description of two of the products in this set:

"lineless eye cream - madonna doesn’t leave home without this anti-wrinkle, anti- puffiness and anti-oxidant formulation for a younger looking eye contour. soothing and firming effects are provided by nourishing vitamins, white tea and botanicals. using ring finger, apply am and pm to bone area of eye in contour - clockwise motion from the outside corner of the eye inward.

     lineless cream with age inhibitor complex - the ultimate moisturizer to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. the age-inhibitor complex contains a combination of ingredients to help slow down the aging process. apply am or pm after cleansing and toning.

Our thoughts while using:

  • Love the pump in the eye cream - it pumps out the perfect amount every time
  • Lineless Cream looks a bit like a gelled silly putty
  • If you have very dry skin, you may need an additional moisturizer
  • Apply both products two times a day for best results

Our results:
Carly - I love the very light feel of the eye cream, and the way it absorbs right into my skin. I used it all over my eyes and after a few weeks of use, I am happy to report that my little squint creases are diminishing. I hope this continues to work and do it's job as a preventative. The face cream was not moisturizing enough for me, and I think I used a bit too much when applying. It has a very medicinal smell, which I like, because it makes me think it is working. I am pretty wrinkle free on my face, but I would continue to use this as a preventative cream, as it is supposed to be used.
Cindi - I was so impressed with the eye cream and my results. My skin was almost immediately more taut while being soft and feeling moisturized at the same time. I will definitely keep using it. I liked the face cream, but wound up only using it at night before my nighttime moisturizer. After a few weeks and using only this on my face, I noticed that my skin was more firm and evenly toned. 

Dr. Brandt's Beauty Booster Set is $95 available at his website and at sephora and