Save $10 on Philosophy - This is no Joke!

philo_promo.jpgJust because Sunday is April 1st, typically known as April Fools Day, does not mean that this deal is a joke. Because it is not!!!

Good from now until this Sunday, April 1st ONLY, over at, when you spend $50 on Philosophy products, you will receive $10 off of your order! Really! Not a joke!

Make you wish lists now. I have so many Philosophy favorites - just look at what I have written on them in the past:

Inner Grace

Fall in Love 


Presents from Philosophy 

The Ultimate Amazing Grace Set 

Exclusive to Sephora 

In Search of More Pink 

Purity. Pure & Simple

How Did I Mix this Up? 

Back to School Beauty. 

Makeup and Music 

The Power of One Woman: Oprah. 

Remember, this is good now through Sunday, April 1st ONLY, so shop now. Click here: $10 off on Philosophy at to save.