Welcoming Warm May!

graphic_may.jpgAm I not the only one to wonder when we are going to have a significant warm up here in the Northeast?  We were teased with it a few weeks ago, but I need it now. The warm weather. Like everyday now. Please!?!

When the sun did shine down upon us and make us feel and warm and Spring-y, I started to get my glow on. Now, I am in full tanning mode. Oops, I just caught myself. That is my full self-tanning mode.

On my face, I am still using the Jergens Natural Glow FACE most days, and I still mix it up with the Bare Bronze Daily Glow Facial Moisturizer down my neck and onto my chest.

For my body, I have been testing out all sorts of new self-tanners, while still relying on old favorites as well. I have the most quirky mix of self-tanners, and the weirdest of routines. But they are working for me. I am taking notice as to which ones leave me darker, which ones need less product, the ones that last longer, the ones that smell the best/worst, and so on.  And before you ask, I am going to give you the scoop on each and every one. I just can't do it now, all at once. It would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

So...yes, I am teasing you a bit now. But I have so much more to cover for Mother's Day and still the latest beauty finds that I need to fit in for the Spring/Summer before they are over! ;) But I do plan to highlight a new one at least once or twice a week. And, this could go on well into the Summer, unless hubby notices that I am purchasing yet more self-tanner to try!!!

I would also love it for you all to get involved. Please share you self-tanner stories about product hits or misses too, in the comments.

Happy May!