MAC Dazzle Lash Mascara.

I saw this unique mascara in action last winter at Fashion Week and was so excited about it. Waiting these past 8 months or so has been so worth the wait. I was more than thrilled to see this new MAC mascara, which did not have a name back in February, available to us now. Dazzle Lash is the name, and your lashes will do just that - dazzle them.

What makes this mascara unique is not in the formulation itself, it has more to do with the brush. It is smaller and more compact than other MAC brushes, but the trick to it working so well and coating each lash seamlessly is the spring-like function. I remember seeing the makeup artist (sorry, cannot remember her name) take apart the wand and actually show us the spring. It works wonders, let me say that again.

I cannot wait to try Dazzle Lash and will report back once I do. For now, if you have given this a try, please do share your thoughts.

MAC Dazzle Lash Mascara sells for $12 at and at your MAC counter. It comes in two shades, Black Dazzle and Star Brunette.