NEW Lancome Juicy Tubes Chic Delights.

My favorite Lancôme Juicy Tubes has just launched a very special limited edition collection just in time for the Holidays. Chic Delights will tempt you with it's tasty goodness, fabulous shades and the ultimate in gorgeous gloss.

Chic Delights comes in eight sweet shades, all with a different flavor. I cannot wait to try Strawberry Sorbet, Plum Souffle, Caramel Praline, French Vanilla, Cinnamon Brioche, Sweet Éclair, Crème de Cassis and Tarte Tatin. Can you even imagine? These are delicacies in every way.

I had the honor to pose some questions to Lancôme’s official Juicy Tubes spokesperson—Mollie Winerock. Mollie is directly responsible for the Juicy Tubes category at Lancôme. She lives, breathes and dreams about this great gloss.

I understand there are 30 permanent Juicy Tube shades. Which is the best selling?
The #1 Juicy Tube is Hallucination! It is a bronze shade with a touch of shimmer. Spring Fling is also a best-seller and happens to be one of my favorites. It is a light pink gloss and has a great flavor too!

How many Juicy Tube shades have there been all together? Which one out of all of them has been the best selling?
There have been over 300 Juicy Tubes created in the US . The best-selling limited-edition collection was the Juicy Tubes POP collection.

What is the most popular Juicy Tube flavor, and how many glosses has this flavor been featured in?
The most popular flavor is a tie between Black Currant and Bubble Gum.

My favorite Juicy Tube is Dreamsicle. What is your favorite?
Dreamsicle is a great gloss! There are so many that I love, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Sun Bronze. This shade is the perfect color on me, a rich, lush bronze. It has a slight shimmer that really dresses up my lips.

In my personal Juicy Tube collection (obsessed, I know!) I have 17. I am afraid to ask how many are in yours... 17! That is great! I have so many Juicy Tubes, not sure I could ever count. It’s the one thing I have more of then shoes!

The new Juicy Tube Holiday Collection is called Chic Delights. Where did the inspiration for this collection come from? Which is your favorite from Chic Delights?

Chic Delights did just launch for the holiday season. It is a special collection of 8 limited edition shades. The inspiration came from the holiday season and as the weather turns chilly, how we crave the comfort of truly delectable delights. The flavors and shades capture the delicious flavors of a French Patisserie.

A few more fun facts that I learned about Juicy Tubes: Since the launch of this cult product in 2000, Juicy Tubes has become the most beloved, most copied and most successful gloss on the market. With over 30 permanent shades to choose from and limited-edition shades arriving each season, it’s no wonder that 11 Juicy Tubes are sold around the world every minute.

Each Juicy Tube retails for $18 each, available at all Lancôme locations, including

Thank you so much to Mollie and to Lancôme for this exclusive information. Stay tuned for even more Lancôme Juicy Tube goodness later this week. I have an entire set of the collection that Lancôme so graciously offered up to one lucky reader.