Paint Your Pout Red!

I am one of the unlucky ones that can never find the perfect red lippie. It is either too dark, too pink, too brown, too orange. You can most likely relate - until you find that perfect red, that is. Well, I finally found a red to wear, three of them in fact. And I can wear them all well, I might add.  I am painting my pout red with Stila's Paint Your Pout Red Palette. And yes, it is one of those fabulous talking palettes.

This exclusive to Sephora beauty has a perfect red for just about anyone. And the perfect instructions to walk you right through perfecting the perfect red pout.

The palette contains a lip primer, which you will use first, and then three red lip colors. One shade is a True Red, which is a deep, brick red. Then there is the Warm Red, and the Cool Red. If you stick with your own skin tones to select the warm or cool tone, then you are all good. But I tried them all, both Cool Red and Warm Red, along with the True Red, and I can easily wear all of them.

You might want to listen to the navigator explain the process a few times before trying their application method on your own, because "she" talks pretty fast. Basically, with the enclosed lip brush, the palette tells you to outline the lips with the shade of choice, then take the flat end and brush it out and over the lips. It is a perfect method, especially for red, I think. Just remember to use a light hand and use the primer first.

As I said, this Paint Your Pout Red Talking Palette is an exclusive to Sephora, where it is selling for $45.