Pick of the Day - Bobbi Brown Artist Palette for Lips.

I cannot even imagine how many possibilites there are in the lip palette. Not just for the professional artist, this Lip Palette from Bobbi Brown could delight my fancy.

Available at Neiman Marcus for $200 (was just on sale for 25% off and I CANNOT believe I missed it!), this palette contains 42 lipstick shades in three different formulas.


  • Tulle Lip Color
  • Slopes Lip Color
  • Orange Lip Color
  • Chocolate Lip Color
  • Brown Lip Color
  • Beige Lip Color
  • Burnt Red Lip Color
  • Hot Cocoa Lip Color
  • Red Lip Color
  • Blondie Pink Lip Color
  • Brownie Lip Color
  • Roseberry Lip Color
  • Sandwash Pink Lip Color
  • Blackberry Lip Color
  • Salmon Lip Color
  • Rose Lip Color
  • Raisin Lip Color
  • Pink Lip Color
  • Pale Pink Lip Color
  • Tulip Lip Color
  • Brownie Pink Lip Color


  • Bronzed Pink Creamy Lip Color
  • Uber Pink Creamy Lip Color
  • Raisin Berry Creamy Lip Color
  • Crystal Pink Creamy Lip Color
  • Blue Raspberry Creamy Lip Color
  • Heather Buff Creamy Lip Color
  • Pink Ballet Creamy Lip Color
  • Nude Pink Creamy Lip Color
  • Nectar Creamy Lip Color
  • Rose Petal Creamy Lip Color
  • Italian Rose Creamy Lip Color
  • Peony Lip Sheer
  • Bare Lip Sheer
  • Plum Lip Sheer
  • Cranberry Lip Sheer
  • Rosy Lip Sheer
  • Pink Berry Lip Sheer
  • Ruby Lip Sheer
  • Black Plum Lip Sheer
  • Tangerine Lip Sheer
  • Natural Beige Lip Sheer


Bobbi Brown Artist Palette

World AIDS Day with MAC & Kiehl's.com

Today is World AIDS Day and I wanted to remind you of some great beauty products that support the AIDS cause.

MAC Cosmetics, where every day is World AIDS Day, has their beautiful Passionately Red Viva Glam Lip Palettes for sale.

Warm Palette:

Features two Viva Glam VI and Viva Glam V Lipsticks, and one Viva Glam V Gloss.

Cool Palette:

Features two Viva Glam IV and Viva Glam II Lipsticks, and one Viva Glam VI Gloss.

M·A·C will donate all proceeds from the sale of this Holiday Viva Glam compact to support men, women and children around the world living with HIV/AIDS.

Shop MACCosmetics.com for these palettes and the rest of the Viva Glam products that benefit AIDS charities.

Kiehl's has partnered with YouthAIDS by making a Kiehl’s Limited Edition World AIDS Day Lip Balm #1 to benefit the organization. For the month of December, 100% of net proceeds will be donated to YouthAIDS starting on World AIDS Day, December 1.

This lip balm is $8.50 at Kiehl's Stores and Kiehls.com.

I ordered all three of these today in support of the cause, and I hope some of you follow suit. Great strides are being made in the challenges of AIDS and HIV and I think that every little bit of help for this cause is truly necessary.

Paint Your Pout Red!

I am one of the unlucky ones that can never find the perfect red lippie. It is either too dark, too pink, too brown, too orange. You can most likely relate - until you find that perfect red, that is. Well, I finally found a red to wear, three of them in fact. And I can wear them all well, I might add.  I am painting my pout red with Stila's Paint Your Pout Red Palette. And yes, it is one of those fabulous talking palettes.

This exclusive to Sephora beauty has a perfect red for just about anyone. And the perfect instructions to walk you right through perfecting the perfect red pout.

The palette contains a lip primer, which you will use first, and then three red lip colors. One shade is a

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