The Gift of Beauty the Keeps on Giving: BeautyFix.

I cannot tell you enough why I think that BeautyFix makes a great gift for anyone on your list - or yourself, quite frankly. I've told you about BeautyFix a few times already, along with my favorite products in the first installment of BeautyFix.

There are more products included as well - for $50. And a new kit, with new products, will come to you each and every quarter, for another $50 each quarter.

Back to BeautyFix 1, here is the complete kit and kaboodle (as pictured above):

  • Amarté Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum - Full Size
  • Amarté Natural Wonder Cream - Deluxe Sample Size
  • Jane Iredale Shimmer Powder in Rose Gold - Full Size
  • Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque - Full Size
  • M LAB Anti-Aging Treatment Cream - Deluxe Sample Size .5 oz.
  • PCA SKIN pHaze 9 Purifying Mask - Full Size
  • PerriconeMD Firming Neck Therapy - Deluxe Sample Size
  • Redpoint Noc-Out Cover-Up Compact - Full Size
  • Sensa Weight Loss System - 15 Day Supply

Bloggers everywhere are talking about BeautyFix and the great products in the first installment too:

Christina Loves...BeautyFix.
Grab yourself a BeautyFix and nab a load of fab products.
BeautyFix is calling all Beauty Junkies!
Get This: BeautyFix...BeautyFix: Your Subscription to Beauty Products.
Need a BeautyFix?

And there are many, many more just like those recommending this fantastic beauty deal.

Are you sold on this yet? Can you see why BeautyFix would be the gift that keeps on giving? For more information and to become a member of BeautyFix, check out all of the information online at

You know I am a panelist for BeautyFix, and really I would not steer you wrong on this. I do not make any money by getting you to sign up or anything like that - I am only involved in selecting the products that will be included in BeautyFix. I just know that you will love BeautyFix as much as I do. The value and products are tremendous and I don't want any of you to miss out.