DuWop Double Glow7.

This Valentine’s Day, let your inner glow show.

DuWop has created Doubleglow7 to keep you looking luminous and radiant for that special someone. Doubleglow7 contains seven (thus the 7!) essential skin nourishing ingredients that, when worn over or under your makeup, helps to keep skin forever glowing.









"Jojoba, aloe vera, lily extract, and illuminating pearls as well as vitamins A, E, and F. These seven secret weapons conspire to give you gorgeous, glowing skin. Jojoba and aloe vera nourish, hydrate, and ease irritation. Lily extract firms the complexion, while vitamins A, E, and F protect against environmental damage including free radicals. The illuminating pearls light up the skin for a fresh, healthy glow."

Can't wait to try some before my favorite tinted moisturizer, DuWop Revolotion.