Not So LUSHious.

While walking through Herald Square in New York City last week, the glimpse of the LUSH store caught my eye. I quickly ushered Shannon and Christina across the street so we could check out the little shop.


Now, I should preface this by saying that I have used some LUSH products and I have loved what I have tried. Now I am a little worried about just how natural the products are, from the way too natural - un-protected environment.   You see, you can touch and smell just about everything in the store. And many of the products are unwrapped - meaning that what you are touching and smelling and possibly buying may have been touched and smelled by countless others first. Hmm.

What puzzled me the most was this little facial bar, almost like a salad bar, adjacent to the wrap desk.   In this bar were bowls (or buckets) of different creams. These creams are open to the air and the environment around them. Open to people that are maybe sticking their fingers into, talking over, and maybe even sneezing above! And these creams are scooped or mixed and put into containers specifically for the customers at their request.

For the same reason I loathe salad bars, I am not liking this method one bit. Maybe I am wrong and these creams along with the bars and bath bombs that are strewn all over the store are safe and protected. But it seemed all too natural in the very real environment.

Is it just me or does this make you think twice?