Sixteen Candles by Beauty Blogger Tia Williams.

Who doesn't love a little chick lit? And when it just so happens to be written by a fellow beautiful beauty blogger, all the better.

The totally talented and super beauty Tia Williams of Shake Your Beauty, just published her second book in her It Chick Series. This is titled Sixteen Candles. This book leaves off where the first one ended.


"It’s the end of September, and our favorite Louis B. Armstrong Performing Arts School kids are feeling the drama. Skye’s turning 16, and her diva-licious party is being filmed for an episode of “Sixteen Candles” on MVN! Meanwhile, Tangie’s secret fling with senior stud Trey Stevens takes a deliciously juicy turn. Will CJ implode with jealousy? And how long can our favorite grafitti-obsessed bad boy keep his scandalous secret?"

We have to read it to find out. 

I am so excited to pick this up this week. I have a long plane ride coming up this week and my plan is to read this cover to cover. Then I will pass it along, with the first book It Chicks to my 12 year old daughter.

To read an exerpt of this book, check it out over on

Congratulations, Tia!

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