Bobbi Brown Custom Palettes.

I am very curious about these palettes, even more so now that Julia from All About the Pretty raved about them so much when I saw her last week. Bobbi Brown knows palettes, and I think she has another winner on her hands with her newly designed Custom Palettes.

You select from a three pan or a four pan palette, both of which are mirrored, and you select from Eye Shadow, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Blush or Shimmer Blush - or a combo of any - and fill up the palette.

First, I want to know where are the lip shades? Surely they are in development, as we need our Bobbi Brown Lip Color and Lip Gloss.

Another product I think that needs to be made in pan palette size is a bronzer - oh, and a concealer and powder too. That would be perfect.

Next, as I am looking to come up with my mix of shades, I notice my favorite Bobbi shades are not there. Agh - I cannot live without my Smoke shadow as I use it as my eye liner almost daily! But I suppose I could throw my single pan in separately - if I must;).

Really, this palette system is a fabulous idea as it brings us back to the basics of Bobbi Brown.   I would fill up a four pan palette with shadows and a three pan palette with the blush. Each empty palette costs $10, the shadows sell for $20 each and the blush for $22 each.

I cannot wait to see what more becomes available, because if I know Bobbi, she will have all of her regular shades available and add more products for the ultimate customization.


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