Bobbi Brown Bronzed Pink Look.

If I had to describe my favorite Summer look this would be it. I think Bobbi knows me - all too well in fact. Um, except for the fact that I would probably go a bit heavier on the eyeliner - but that is just me.


The Bronzed Pink Look from Bobbi Brown just launched and it is screaming perfect Summer look. For day or night, dressed up or down, this is the ultimate, isn't it? 

I know I will be picking up both of the new Metallic Eye Shadow's in Bronzed Pink and Penny - the colors are exactly what I am looking for. I love her Metallic shadows, do you remember the palettes she launched last year? I still use my Burnt Sugar Metallics palette at least once or twice during the week. The shadows are Metallic looking, not too frosty or overdone, and perfect for a woman of any age.

I am craving one of the Bronzers too. I do not have a Bobbi counter that close to me - a shame, I know - but I will be in Boston for a few days next week and I will be on the hunt for the closest counter to select the perfect one. The bronzer comes in five shades, and it really is hard to tell which one would compliment my faux tan; Light, Medium, Natural, Dark or Deep. I will let you know which one I end up with.

bobbi_brown_tinted_lip_balm.jpgThe Bronzed Pink Look also includes Tinted Lip Balm in Desert Bronze, Bronzed Pink and Golden Pink.

I love the look of the Golden Pink and the shade used on the model above is Desert Bronze, and I am really liking the overall look, so I will probably pick that up too. Ugh - who I am kidding, I am sure each one of these shaded will make it home with me.

Let me know if you already have any of the Bronzed Pink products yet or which ones you will be picking up.   

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