Packaging Grievance's.

Forgive my rant. If you don't like to hear me complain, then just bypass this post. But I have a grievance.

I need to make a complaint to the packaging and/or art designers for many of the cosmetic products.

Seriously, I am tired of having to squint my eyes and scan the product packages (usually the outer carton, box, or back of the bottle or jar) for not only the name of the product and what it is used for, but for the directions. Scanning through the small print and multiple languages is a waste of my time. I can understand if a product is say a French product that is sold in both the United States and France. Print one side of the box in English and the other side in French. I do not need to sift my way through 5 or 6 languages to see what I need.


It really is frustrating.

Make it easier for us, the consumer. If I can not go into Sephora and pick up a skin care item, read what it is, what is is used for, and how to use it - then I would not buy it. Plain and simple. 

Am I the only one who feels this way?

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