Sleeping Beauty - 10 of the Best Products to Use While You Sleep.

We all sleep, right? Well, I am not talking quality here, I am just talking sleep. When our body is at rest and our cells are rejuvenating, we need to take advantage and get some beauty working for us. So, catch up on your beauty while you catch up on your sleep. Sound good? It sure does to me.


The following ten products will work to give you instant beauty from head to toe while you sleep.

1. Sally Hansen Overnight Lip Repair ($9.95) : All-night intensive lip treatment. Repairs and retexturizes dry, damaged lips as you sleep.

2. Sally Hansen PM Lip Plumper ($9.95) : Fuller, plumper, shapelier-looking lips overnight. Smoothes and plumps lips as you sleep for 24 hour luscious lips.

3. Avon ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Night Cream ($34.00): This luxurious cream is the first moisturizer with the Pro-Sirtuin TX complex and the first to harness the combined age-defying power of Sirtuin Youth Proteins and Remodeling Proteins. It has been shown to help reverse advanced signs of aging, increase volume and firmness and dramatically decrease the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.

4. Pur Minerals 'While You Were Out' ($49.50): An anti-aging evening peel and soothing recovery serum duo that work while you sleep! It includes the revolutionary, anti-aging leave-on peel Sleep It Off, and the skin calming and rejuvenating serum Give It A Rest.

6. John Frieda Creme Serum Overnight Repair ($9.99): A revolutionary fast-absorbing formula that leaves no residue that you apply before bedtime to nourish dry, damaged and frizzy hair while you catch your zzzs. You'll wake up to hair that is so visibly healthier, smoother and silkier, you'll have to pinch yourself to see if you're really awake.

7. Lisa Hoffman 24 Hour Skincare  Vitamin A & C Serum ($95): This heavy duty serum is actually a water free formula that delivers effective doses of Vitamins A and C to the skin to provide anti-oxidant protection to maintain skin tone and provide firming action.

8. Wexler Intensive Night Reversal & Repair Cream ($42.50): Visibly lifts and diminishes lines by morning, speeds recovery from daily environmental damage and targets the appearance of deep expression lines and slackened skin.

9. nude Replenishing Night Oil ($78): Nourishes and protects the skin while reducing the signs of aging via
Omega 3, 6, 7 (a very rare essential acid that is hard to get via food), and 9 to feed and protect the skin with essential fatty acids; raspberry, cranberry, avellana and kukui to provide powerful antioxidant protection against free radical attack; nigella, camellia, vanilla and macademia to replenish and nourish.

10. Avon Hydra-Radiance Intensive Nutrient Night Serum ($12.50): The little boost your nighttime beauty routine needs to get glowing. It acts as a nutritional supplement for skin, this new Serum is formulated to give skin a topical boost of vitamins and nutrients whenever it looks sluggish and dull. Skin looks dramatically radiant overnight.

Finally, waking up will never feel so fabulous!

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