The Greatness of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I have been letting my brows grow in a bit. As I think they are naturally thinning on their own, keeping them too thin was not the best idea. The first few days of not plucking were hard, but I learned to be patient and just do away with the strays once a week. It has been about three weeks now, and with the help from Anastasia Beverly Hills and her wonderful brow line, I am starting to like what I see.

The main kit I am using is her Five Piece Brow Kit. In the handy kit are five essentials - Tweezers, Brow Powder, four Brow Stencils, one Duo Brush (Angled Cut / Spooley), and Brow Gel. I am using the Ash Blonde kit, and it is a perfect match for me.


Anastasia's tweezers have been a main stay in my makeup bag for years now, so I was happy to have a newer, more sharp pair. Tweezing is so simple with the angled tweezers, grabbing the hair perfectly, making for easy removal and minimal pain.

Before I use the powder to define and shape my brows, I use the Brow Fix first. Brow Fix (which is not in the kit) is a pencil made up of a gel-like wax. It keeps brows in place and my powder adheres to it better and easier.

If you do not favor brow powder, her Brow Pencil is a great choice too. The pencil features a built-in brow brush on the opposite end of the pencil for perfect grooming. Or you can try her Tinted Brow Gel. My sister has very light eyebrows and loves the look she gets when using the tinted gel in Caramel. She says the ease of use to help define and keep in place is a plus.

To try and get my brows to grow faster, I have been using her NuBrow gel, every night. "The unique gel-based formula is designed to help restore thin, over-plucked, and undernourished eyebrows. The deep conditioning action works to help stimulate brow growth, leaving them looking bold and beautiful. Brow is a colorless and odorless gel, comprised of a unique blend of top proteins and vitamins designed to condition, repair, and restore the eyebrows."

Next up for me to check out are her highlighters, though with my makeup kept to more of a minimum in the Summer, I don't think I will try them unless I am doing a full on eyeshadow.

I think that Anastasia has the most complete eyebrow line available today. You can find the liner at her salon, online, or at Sephora.

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