Protect and Repair Sun Exposed Hair with Kérastase.

As the sun’s UV rays can harm different hair types in different ways, Kérastase Paris has created personalized protection and repair indexes for specific hair care needs. They have created their new SOLEIL line of products to help us through the Summer.

The SOLEIL range includes 7 products: Micro-Voile Protecteur, Gelée Aqua Proof, Crème UV Défense Active, Bain Après-Soleil, Crème Richesse, Masque UV Défense Active and Sérum Après-Soleil. To find out exactly which products in the line up would work best for you, the easiest thing to do is to log onto this great index on their website that helps you determine your exact program.

I fall between an Index 2 and an Index 3, and these are the products I have been using:

BAIN APRÈS-SOLEIL - This is a "balancing" shampoo that gently cleanses and helps repair the hair fiber that has been exposed to environmental aggressions. It is a lightweight shampoo in which you only need a small bit of, that helps my hair detangle easily while it locks in long-lasting softness, while preserving the color radiance I work so hard at. 


MASQUE UV DÉFENSE ACTIVE - This is a masque that I have used as a masque, but also a tiny amount after shampooing, which I swear is making all the difference in my hair. It deeply replenishes and strengthens m helping it to become shinier, softer and more radiant.

SÉRUM APRÈS-SOLEIL - This is a fantastic serum that makes my hair soft, frizz free, and ultra-shiny. I use it when my hair is sopping wet, before even towel drying to help seal in as much moisture as I can. And if I need to control any bit of frizz or unwanted curl, I run a teensy bit over my hair after it is dry. While the serum completes the system for me and works beautifully together with the other two products, this is a holy grail product for my daughter who has super thick wavy hair. One pump of serum spread through her dry hair makes her hair look like she literally just stepped out of the finest salon using the finest tools. You would never know that her thickness was air dried.


So, the system is not cheap, but worth it considering how much I tend to neglect my hair and overspend on my skin. The noticeable difference of both look and feel to my hair is so amazing, that I would not hesitate to spend the $124 again - at least during the rest of the Summer.

Kérastase products are available at fine salons, which you can look up through their salon locator or right online through Kérastase.

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