Melt-Proof Makeup from Clinique.

It is hot. There is no denying that it is Summer. With the heat and humidity and all that goes with running around in the Summer, there are those times that I need my makeup to last. And not melting or dripping down my face, please. The worst is when you can see little lines running through my bronzer. No more.

There are two foundations that are pretty much sweat proof, streak proof, and ultimately melt proof.

clinique_foundation_1.jpg clinique_foundation_2.jpg

Both come from Clinique with tried, tested and true claims. On the left is Almost Makeup SPF 15, and on the right is Work-Out Makeup. Both are longwearing, water-resistant formulas to help get us through the heat.

Almost Makeup SPF 15 ($19.50)
"Casual sheer makeup that is oil-free and waterproof with built-in sunscreen".
I like to think of this one as a water-resistant tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. The coverage is definitely more sheer than a regular foundation, and I am guessing that is why it is called Almost Makeup. But this makeup does more than most and it's staying power is fantastic. Almost Makeup comes in 8 shades, and even a few darker ones that blend well over a faux-tan.

Work-Out Makeup  ($20.50)
"Long-lasting makeup for all skin types. Water-resistant. Stays fresh-looking through heat, humidity, activity. Semi-matte finish".
Work-Out Makeup provides more coverage than Almost Makeup, but without being a full-on heavy duty coverage type. If you are one to wear makeup to the beach or pool, or perhaps you like a makeup to take the place of your faux-tan, then this one would be a better choice. Sadly, Work-out Makeup only comes in five shades, and the darker shades are not in the line up. This is such a shame as I really think that this makeup really suits it purpose and I know a woman or two that would really love it, if only darker tan shades were available.

To find your perfect melt proof makeup match, head on over to your favorite Clinique counter. 

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