Another Gimmick - ColorOn Eye Envy.

Do you think this looks at all, well - good?


ColorOn Eye Envy just made it's way to the Sephora website and will available at select stores later in the month. I ask why. Like a tattoo that you rub on, except it is specially designed eyeshadow. Who would have thought it? And who would have thought that Sephora would fall for such a gimmick. I just do not understand any of it.

First, I don't see the need for fancy looking zebra stripes on my eyes - or anyone's for that matter. And I cannot imagine that it is easy to get both eyes looking identical. There has got to be a lot of trial and error involved in making the application process and perfecting of the look.  That to me sounds like money down the drain. Forget the fact that everyone has different sized eyes and eyelids. It is not like you can cut them out and still expect them to look nice. What else - hmmm. Look at the different color combinations available. They are just not wearable.



I hate to be harsh, but I trust the beauty authority of Sephora. There is a reason why they are trusted. I cannot believe that they are behind this brand.

What do you think?