More Love for Xen-Tan.

I love, love, love Xen-Tan and am constantly sharing my love for this holy grail line of self-tanners. I recently turned my sister onto this fabulous self-tanner, and here is her guest post on her new found love for Xen-Tan!

Guest post by Cindi Roberge of The Fragrance Fanatic -

I am an avid user of self-tanners and have found the best and I mean the best self-tanner on the market today.  XEN-TAN will not disappoint! 

XEN-TAN has a new patented time-released ingredient that makes tanning more gradual as it is slowly released over time. This helps create a more even, streak-free tan. Without the icky smell too - and thatis worth writing about.

XEN-TAN for face has a nice smell, an orange like creamsicle scent.  It gradually tans your face over the course of the day/evening.  Just to be aware, that you still need to use an SPF sunscreen after applying the XEN-TAN since it does not have SPF in it.


XEN-TAN for BODY is called Transform and it smells like chocolate!  As I was applying it, I almost licked myself since it smelled so good!  Even as the tan gradually develops over the day/evening, the sweet smell is still there.   Be aware, that if you plan to sleep with it on, make sure you wear dark colored jammies to protect your sheets.


Happy safe tanning!