Prescriptives Incredible Sheer Lipcolor: No One Told Me this Came in Watermelon...

In my effort to only use lip products with SPF, I dug into my lipstick jar to find this beauty. In WATERMELON!


If there is one thing that I know, if the shade name is Watermelon, then it is perfect for me. How did this slip through my fingers and not make it onto thy lips before now? 

Seriously, Prescriptives Incredible Sheer Lipcolor ($17.50) is a wonderful lip product, one that I have used in the past.  Because of the color find, I think this lipcolor is making it's way up higher on my favorites list. Watermelon is the pefect watermelon pink shade that looks beautiful on it's own, or even more pretty when used over a bronze or gold lipstick. With the added power of sun protection to boot!

This finding is having me get on over to my favorite beauty websites and just search Watermelon to see what else I can find.  For this beauty though, you will need to get on over to a Prescriptives counter or shop at

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