Aqua Tan.

A new brand of self-tanner that I was introduced to this year has quickly become one of my favorites. Since Clarins did away with my favorite body milk - discontinued YEARS ago - I had yet to find another milk that was so smooth. Until now. Aqua Tan Self Tanning Milk is what I have been looking for.


Not only does the Self Tanning Milk smoothe on and absorb quickly, it is enriched with some good for you ingredients. DHA, not matter how much I love it for it's faux-tan abilities, really dries out the skin. So ingredients that work with the DHA, not play with the pH balance of it, while being gentle and keeping the moisture in, is what is really make me love this even more.

This self-tanner is enriched with White Tea, Cucumber and Green Tea Extracts, along with it's exclusive Sacred Spring Water. The scent is nice and light - fresh almost. It does not mask the DHA smell, but rather blends with it. Really, the DHA smell is so faint and practically vanishes as the milk dries. It does take a good ten to fifteen minutes to feel totally dry (because it is so moisturizing) after applying, so take time before dressing. But once dried, there is no need to worry about staining.

Every time I have used this I have been blessed with a beautiful, streak free tan. Not a deep dark tan, but after six hours, I get a very natural looking color. Not too golden or not too olive. It is actually a perfect color for me. Though I only use this on my legs, I would not hesitate to use it anywhere else on my body, that is, if I were not such a fanatic about my other self-tanning products that work so well for me on my arms, chest or face.

I have only found this readily available online, so your best bet is to shop their site. And if you are tempted to buy anything else form the line, try the Gentle Purifying Gelee, to use in the shower or bath prior to application - it leaves my skin smooth with no harsh abrasives. 


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