MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eye Shadow Picks.

The new MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eye Shadows are definitely the highlight of the collection. I love how there are two different sides to the soft shadows. One side is a single color that seamlessly blends with the other side that is a myriad of shades marbled together.

My favorite out of all of the shadows has to be Love Connection. I have been struggling for the perfect, simple to apply eyeshadow this Summer. Sometimes I want a bit more than just a quick sweep of bronzer across my eye, and I hate a full on eyeshadow look during the Summer day. The Love Connection shades used together are perfect, and compliment the other colors I have been regularly applying to the rest of my face.


My other picks of the shadows include first, Odd Couple with the beautiful shades of gold and purple, which looks surprisingly stunning awash over my hazel eyes.  Then there is Sea & Sky. The metallic sky blue is gorgeous as a liner with the mix of metallic blues, including the most beautiful teal, a.k.a. sea blue. Beautiful!


Go see them in person for yourself. These shadows are really too beautiful to pass up. The shadows with the rest of the Electroflash collection will be available on Thursday (July 10th) at your favorite MAC counter or online, of course, at

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