MAC Electroflash.

A beautiful new collection from MAC, this is Electroflash. This beauty will be on counter in just two days: July 10th.

"Electro Flash Mineralize Eye Shadow in nine new duos with unblinking courage, in convincing new combinations: tri-colour shimmer minerals with marble shine – plus a monoshade on the other side. Add Lipglass and Lipstick finishes with quantum physics energy, in companion colours and electro-lustres."


Vanity’s Child - Sheer pale beige with pearl (Lustre)
Fast Thrill - Frosty clean mid-tone pink with pearl (Frost)
Mellow Mood - Glossy mid-tone dirty pink with pearl (Lustre)
Dangerously Hot - Creamy deep brown red (Amplified)

Cultureclash - Frosty clear baby pink with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)
Major Minor - Frosty mid-tone beige with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)
Sonic Vibe - Frosty mid-tone pink with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)
Li’ Hot Pepper - Frosty burnt red with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)

Play on Plums Mélange/Mono - Peachy gold with pink and bronze veining/Bronzed burgundy mono
Sea & Sky Mélange/Mono - Silvery pale blue with deep blue and silver veining/Bright blue mono
Hot Contrast Mélange/Mono - Dirty red with silver and black veining/Black mono
Love Connection Mélange/Mono - Pale beige with gold and blue veining/Warm gold mono
Two to Glow Mélange/Mono - Dirty bronze with pink and orange veining/Orange mono
Odd Couple Mélange/Mono - Warm gold with lavender and bronze veining/Purple mono
Polar Opposites Mélange/Mono - Dirty purple with silver, indigo and pink veining/True silver mono
Fresh Green Mix Mélange/Mono - Golden olive with blue, gold and aqua veining/Lime mono
Pink Split Mélange/Mono - Dirty rose with bronze and pale blue veining/Pink with gold pearl mono

BRUSH - $30
227 Large Fluff - Large size paddle with fluffed double chiseled, rounded tip

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