Amazing - Philosophy Introduces Five New Ways to Experience Grace.

One of my all-time favorite scents that both my husband and I enjoy is the Amazing Grace scent from Philosophy. It is a beautiful light fragrance that is a very clean, feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms accented by a hint of light musk.

Philosophy is introducing five new ways to experience this beautiful scent - both in and out of the shower. Enjoy their new Amazing Grace Buffing Wash, Amazing Grace Scented Candle, Amazing Grace Shave Gel, Amazing Grace Scented Spritz, and Amazing Grace Body Butter.


Whether you like your daily fragrance routine and like to layer or if you prefer to scent yourself in one simple step, each of these new products will provide the perfect blend of Philosophy's cult classic scent.

Surround yourself with grace:

Amazing Grace Perfumed Buffing Wash - $26
This gentle, non abrasive wash is formulated with natural ingredients to gently moisturize and clean your skin while helping to smooth and soften skin without irritation.  It feels almost like grains of rice in the creamy, gel-like buffing wash.

Amazing Grace Scented Candle - $30
This is perfect for not only the bathroom, but anywhere you want to take this beautiful scent with you out of the shower. It fills my room with a cozy, almost calming scent.

Amazing Grace Shave Gel - $15
This shave gel is more like a lotion, but it's velvety texture helps your razor glide over the skin for a gentle, yet close shave. This is exclusive to

Amazing Grace Scented Spritz - $25
Probably my favorite of the new fab five pieces, this spray is very lightly scented that provides moisturizing and antioxidant benefits to the body when spritzed over. It is a perfect refresher during the day, especially after coming in from the heat.

Amazing Grace Body Butter - $28
This is a very highly emollient moisturizer formulated with shea, mango and cocoa butter to hydrate, tone and smooth dry skin to leave it feeling silky soft. A true butter, not just a thick cream.

Shop for the new Amazing Grace products at, sephora,, nordstrom, and other speciality stores, or by calling 1.800.568.3151.

Truly amazing, friends!   

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