Back to School Beauty - Scenting Up Small Spaces.

We all know Dorm Rooms are small. So aren't closets, laundry baskets, cars, office cubicles - lot's of small places. And many times small places stink of - well, I don't even want to think of what makes small spaces smell. When a plug is not available and candles are not an option, you need something portable.  Scent up your small space with Scentportable.


Readily available at Bath & Body Works stores (and online, of course) Slatkin & Co. has created this handy dandy clip and go portable fragrance disc. No plug, batteries or dangerous flames, these scented discs surround small spaces in refreshing, beautiful scents.

Select from Pineapple Mango, Vanilla Coconut or Fresh Linen. And for just $5, every small space can be scented - and stay that way for about 6 weeks.