Back to School Beauty - Sugar Coated School Bronzing Kit.

As the busy fall schedule has you zipping from class to class, appointment to appointment, or meeting to meeting, always be touch-up ready with Sugar Cosmetics and their too cool Beauty School Bronzing Kit.

Inside the three ring binder zip pouch, which is so handy, is a mini tropic Tan Bronzer, to keep up your better glow (faux, I hope!); a mini Sugar Fix Concealer Compact to disguise all the signs of sleepiness; along with a beautiful nudish pearl lip gloss that can even clip to your cell phone. And of course, a handy bronzer mini kabuki brush is included as well.

Pick this up easily at Sephora and for an easy on your wallet $28. And don't forget to throw in you other daily beauty must-haves right into the pouch too.