The Model Brow by Elke Von Freudenberg.

My friend and celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire, Elke Von Freudenberg just launched her eyebrow line The Model Brow. Famous for her eyebrow services to the celebs and to the likes of regular peeps like you and me at her salon in Park Slope (in Brooklyn), this is a line you will definitely want to use yourself.

I cannot wait to see this line up close and in person. Elke does things right, people.There is no doubt in my mind about this line. The Model Brow is sure to be a winner.

Here are the products available so far in the line:

Day-Brow Shadow ($20) - In four easy to match up colors to define your brows.
Nite-Brow Shadow ($20) - Four more colors to define and add drama to the brows - perfect for night.
Brow Pencils ($18) - Three shades for your brows if you like to define with a pencil. The cap has a little brow brush on the end to boot!
Brow Tamer ($16) - Keep the brows in place with this easy to use brow wax.
Brow Ware ($16) - A clear eyebrow gel to keep brows in their place without leaving them stiff or sticky.

Elke also has a few brow brushes and tools in the works that look like they will making their debut very soon. I can't wait to see those too.

Check out Elke, her very own popular beauty blog and The Model Brow line to learn more about Elke and the great products.

images copyright Elke Von Freudenberg.