Benefit Posietint - For the Perfect Pink Cheek.

I feel like I am the last beauty blogger to have tried Posietint. I have been reading about this new cheek and lip tint from Benefit for a month or two now, and I guess better late than never. And I am so glad I finally got to give this a shot.

I was not a fan of Benetint only because the color was just not natural for me, no matter how hard I tried. It just didn't work. But Posietint. This one is so my shade.

Posietint is so sheer and pretty and looks perfectly natural. Applying takes a bit to get used to, especially when you are so old school like me that I most often use powder. But a few dabs and a quick - really quick - blend leaves my cheeks perfect. And if I want a little more of a pop, I apply a couple coats to build it up. And a dab on the lips and then smooth out - put on your perfect sheer gloss and... beautiful!