Saturday's Splendid Best!

From the Splendicity community, comes this week best in beauty, fashion and shopping.


Beautiful Makeup Search wonders if the mascara madness will ever end.

Aging Fabulous explores the possibilities of Botox.

The Fragrance Fanatic introduces us to the Twice As Clean gift set.

The Scented Life is helping you choose perfumes by the horoscope.

A Touch of Blusher talks about Paul & Joe's lilac eyeshadow.

Beauty Banter reveals the Battle of the Body Lotions... See which lotion won!

Teen Style Lounge has tried the brand-new Cover Girl WetSlicks AmazeMint lip glosses and has fallen in love...have you?

Beauty Blogging Junkie is participating in synchronized beauty blogging with Spoiled Pretty to bring you Put on your Game Face: Summer 2008 Beauty Olympics!

Steeping Beauty lures you to bed with products that induce beauty sleep.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic check's out Tarte's Eye Couture Palette for Fall!


eye4style is giving away a gorgeous Tracy Matthews cuff bracelet. Click here to enter!


The Well-Heeled Society launches Penny-wise, Poshly Frugal, their sister site of economically-stylish home decor.

STYLEnosh adds a youthful edge to a grown up wardrobe.

Snarkstress wonders if she's the only one taking issue with Katie Holmes wearing leggings, or what!?!