Dior Diorshow Black Out Mascara.

Why hasn't anyone told me how good this mascara is?

When it comes to Diorshow, the reviews seem to be mixed. You either love it or hate it. Never having tried it before, (I know, where have I been?) I have nothing to compare this one to. But let me just say - this is my new mascara find. I love, love, love it!

In an ulta-rich blacker than black color and all the length you need, there are no clumps, dryness, sticking together - nor spider lashes. The volume is enough to plump them just enough while taking lashes to great lengths. Love it!

Everything that I read is that Black Out Mascara is a limited edition, which I am certainly hoping is not true, or I will be spending a pretty penny to stock up now. Each tube carries a hefty price tag of $24 - but I will definitely get my three months worth out of it.